Peyzki leaked onlyf on twitter, What happened to Peyton Chorvat on videos and photos


Getting banned from Twitch is a surefire path for most streamers, but the punishment rarely lasts longer than a week or two. Even when creator Kimmikka was caught on stream having sex with her partner, she managed to get back on stream after only seven days.


Def Noodles’ ban for “drugging” on-stream was handled in a similar way, though instead of being bothered by the short sentence, he turned directly to YouTube. However, a streamer named Peyzki (real name Peyton Chorvat) was suspended for a longer period of time for a more minor infraction. Peyzki received three separate copyright strikes for playing Beyoncé songs on her 2018 live stream.

Ultimately, after investigating Twitch’s claims, she received an indefinite ban for two years, two months and three days. Now she can finally return to Twitch, as her ban has officially been lifted. She hasn’t given up streaming entirely over the years, and has been active on the adult content platforms OnlyF and Fansly — which Amouranth also uses.

After seeing her ban lifted, Peyzki joked that she would never “crime” again, and later jumped onto Twitch for her first live stream in over two years

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