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Wanda Nara spends her days traveling on a plane, but not just any plane: a private one with all the luxuries for her long journeys between Argentina, Turkey and Italy. However, recently, Mauro Icardi’s wife had to face an unforeseen event that forced her to take a commercial flight in economy class, an experience that she decided to share with her more than seventeen million followers on social networks.

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“My face when I don’t sleep, I miss planes and I miscalculate everything,” Wanda Nara begins by saying on TikTok. “Well, I didn’t sleep at all. We are on the plane. We had a lot of problems. We missed the flight. “We came at eight in the morning and there is a man with a cold,” she continues, telling her from the seat of the aircraft. The Argentine regrets having to make this trip surrounded by other passengers: “On top of that, I’m in the middle. What do you say when you are afraid of getting sick from anything?”

“We took out this flight in the middle of people and at the last minute. The girl said to me: ‘Are you sure what you want? The flight is very full. It’s like the worst flight of your life.’ We have been at the airport since eight in the morning. The nicest thing is that we spent seven hours here for a two-hour trip. I mean, I was there for seven hours and now I’m going to fly for two. It doesn’t make sense,” insists Wanda Nara.

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