Arriba Markitos Toys video goes viral on Twitter leaving the fans surprised –

“Arriba Markitos Toys video” is going viral on social media and people are curious to know more about the viral video which appeared on Twitter earlier in November 2023.

The viral “Arriba Markitos Toys video” shows an heinous crime by a group of people, allegedly the member of a drug cartel.

The date the video was recorded is unknown, as is the identity of the victims.

According to details, A video of a crime circulating on social media raised suspicion of the links between a criminal group and Mexican YouTuber Markitos Toys, real name Marcos Eduardo Castro.

At the beginning of November 2023, a video began to circulate on social networks in which two young people, tied up, are surrounded by a group of criminals while one of them humiliates them.

During the conversation recorded in the video, name of Markitos Toys was mentioned and can be heard clearly. That raised the suspicion of links between the criminals and YouTuber.

“ And who up there? Upstairs who? ” the alleged member of a criminal group asks one of the victims while he holds her ear with one hand.

When asked, the boy spits out and an unrecognizable object that, apparently, his captors had forced into him. When he finally has the opportunity to articulate words, he answers the hitman’s question.

“Let’s love each other then, crazy,” says the possible criminal before hitting the victim. At the end of the action, he repeats the question alluding to the famous YouTuber originally from Culiacán and humiliates one of the victim.

Reports suggest that Markitos Toys would be the cousin of an alleged financial operator of ‘Nini’.

The recording cuts off after a minute and a half, so it is unknown what additional attacks would have been committed against both young people.

The one and half minute video is labelled as “Arriba Markitos Toys video” and is available to watch on Twitter. It was shared by a Twitter user elblogdelosgua1.

Although in the video there has no indications about the criminal group that would be behind these acts, some unofficial versions indicate that they would have been the responsibility of the Sinaloa Cartel , specifically the faction that was commanded by Néstor Isidro Pérez Salas , alias ‘ El Nini ‘ , with whom Markitos Toys acknowledged having a friendship.

Marcos Eduardo Castro Cárdenas, the YouTuber’s real name, spoke out on social media after federal forces captured ‘El Nini’. “ I only had a friendship with my friend and a friendship is worth more than anything, we were friends, I was neither his employee nor he mine,” he said in this regard without mentioning the name of the head of Los Chapitos hitmen.

Added to these statements and the participation of Markitos Toys in narcocorridos alluding to Pérez Salas, an alleged official document was recently released that identifies someone named Marcos Eduardo, with the alias ‘Markitos’, as the financial operator of ‘El Nini’ . ‘ .

The same video included Kevin Daniel Castro Beltrán , cousin of Markitos Toys arrested on November 23 for being another alleged collaborator in the management of resources of the criminal

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