Martina Samadan Volleyball leAked video scandal on Twitter, what happened

With silver coins, the under-30 women’s team from the Aleman Carl Aventis Institute returns to Valdivia as impeccable graduates of the rediscovered competitive sport championed by the Magellan Scoquimbo region.

In this race, Elenco Valdiviano took the lead from La Serena’s seventh contender,

Logando Campenal.

The players’ representative, Martina Ziegele, has learned that the Habra Alemana National Volleyball Club has been in the under-16 youth category for 41 years

“For 21 years, Concepción Tomarón has been an ongoing initiative in the adult category, as it did 30 years ago, the statement read.

In this case, the team corresponds to former alumni, officers, apoderados and former apoderados.


“Our kit was designed a few years ago for our former coach, Yasna Del Río, who was reunited with a former graduate and is now able to attract players who have fully completed what they have today Equipped officers and leaders,” Brix explained.

The player detailed his aim to reach the tournament final in light of their contentious expectations for the tournament in the Papaya capital in 2022.

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