Costa Rican soccer player Jesús “Chucho” Alberto López Ortiz was killed in crocodile attack after jumping into a river.(VIDEO)

Riots in Santa Cruz (Costa Rica) caused by the death of the soccer player from Río Cañas de la Cruz, Jesús Alberto López Ortiz, after being eaten by a crocodile. The 29-year-old soccer player and father of two children was killed by the reptile while bathing in the river.

Chuco López’s wife could not hold back her tears when talking about what happened. He “he fell into the river and never came out. It ruined my life and my heart,” Francini, the wife of Chuco López, explained through tears.





The police managed to locate the soccer player’s body after killing the four-meter crocodile, which seemed to be dragging the body of Chuco López through the river.

Santa Cruz residents help authorities lift the soccer player’s body out of the water after police killed an alligator. The security forces do not know how the soccer player died: “The crocodile sank him, it is not clear if he drowned or died from the pressure that the crocodile put on the child.”

At Rio Cañas de La Coruña, which fired Jesús Alberto López Ortiz and paid his heartfelt respects, the club asked for a white shirt in honor of Chucho. The whole town focused their attention on the player’s wife and his two children, ages 3 and 8.

“With deep pain we announce the death of our player Jesús López Ortiz (Chucho), God willing. Chucho rest in peace, we join the pain of his entire family. We will miss you. Dear friend, you are a part of everyone.” Today was a very difficult day for everyone and we will remember you in all aspects of your sporting life as a coach, soccer player and father of a family. You will always live in our hearts, Chucho. Fly higher,” said Club Deportivo Río Cañas in a statement .

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