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The 8th video of Syahnaz Sadiqah by Rendy Kjaernett shows that you don’t mind. Videos and recordings are available on social networks. Pengacara Rendy Kjaernett lalu angkat bicara. This video is only available for a short time.

From Selasa Hot (04/07/2023) to 04/07/2023. Well, Reddy take care and leave us.

Pengacara Rendy Kjaernett, Baskhara Pratama is an 8 day video. There are a lot of videos and capture videos you need. “Saya Pastikan bukan klien saya (Rendy Kjaernett). For this video, it’s bukan klien saya.”

Alasan Lundy Kejanet Kepin Carter Sianaz Singa Bershukul Hubangan Tebunka
This means that not only does Ms. Nayong have the opportunity to be content with Shanaz, but Ms. Nayong no longer needs her. Baskhara lalu menegaskan kliennya akan bicara soal kepastian dugaan perselingkuhan tato and perzinaan pada waktu yang tepat.




“Itu (soal tato) nanti ada waktunya. Nanti Pak Rendy aka menjawab di waktu yang tepat,” Bhaskara explained.

Rendy Kjaernett has been taking care of it. Rendy Mengatakan belum bisa menjawab hal tersebut.

“It’s like saying it’s going to be this way. It’s like reaching out to the public. Saying you don’t want to know anymore,” Rendy Kjaernett said.

“Untuk sekarang saya mau focus ke keluarga, saya mau memperbaiki, saya mau focus ke anak-anak saya”, ungkapnya.

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