Haya Noufal leaked video on twitter and reddit, ONLYFANS on telegram haya nofal

The girlfriend of a criminal who played a key role in the Amsterdam underworld has been shot dead in Amstelveen yesterday morning. H. is believed to be the putative leader of the group surrounding the late Gwinnett Martha. He had been in hiding for some time, fearing assassination. Police could not confirm the victim’s identity, but confirmed the execution may be linked to an ongoing gangland feud. The victim was shot several times in the Beeckestijn in Amstelveen at around 08:30.

Attempts to revive her failed. A burning car was found on the corner of Haya van Somerenstraat and Joke Smitlaan shortly after the murder. The fire spread to two other vehicles. In 2013, H. was mentioned in a report to the criminal police, in which it was detailed that H. and two others were planning the execution.




The other two were Martha’s cousin and Noufal ‘Noffel’ F., whom investigating authorities believe was one of the shooters in the Stadsley Denboult shooting. Investigators tapped the car where the execution was planned. The prisoners were arrested by a team of police in Arnhem.

A bag full of firearms was found in the back seat. H. had previously escaped execution by jumping into the water in the south quarter of Amsterdam. He has long been associated with Martha’s organization. Martha was executed in Amstelveen in May.

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