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After beginning her career as a gospel performer and releasing songs like “Conquest,” Murata made her social media debut in 2016 with a comedy sketch.

She has been named the Young Women’s Advocate for ED, a partnership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, and is an ambassador for the Padare Women’s Association.




In 2018, the World Women’s Heritage Organization honored her by naming her Female Entertainment and Social Media Enterprise and Business Leader of the Year. She won the Pan-African Award the following year and placed in the top three for Southern Africa’s Most Powerful Women in Business and Government.




In recognition of her work with the Maits Diaries Foundation, Felistas Murata nominated her for the SADC Community Champion Award in 2020 in the same year that the Ruth Pasi Foundation gave her the Women of Distinction Award.


Murata took part in the 2020 Tanzanian film “A Regretful Life,”  but production was halted due to disagreements over unpaid wages or mistreatment of actors.

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