Video leaked of Alexee Trevizo on reddit, New Mexico mother, 19

Recently released police body camera footage shows 19-year-old Alexee Trevizo admitting to giving birth to a baby boy and leaving it to die in a dumpster.
She told her mother: «She slipped out and I put it in the bag. In the trash bag. I’m sorry.» A newborn baby’s phone was found in the bathroom. Court records show officers saw the suspect.

The officer found Trevizzo in the emergency room with back pain and denied that she was pregnant, according to court records. A lab test showed Trevezzo and hospital staff that it was, and she locked herself in the bathroom.
The staff told Trevizzo they were going inside, and she opened the door.

The staff checked the toilets and the lids of the garbage cans and found nothing. However, when removing the garbage bag during clean p, an employee noticed that she was heavier than normal.
They found a newborn showing no signs of life, according to court records. Trevezzo was interviewed after being airlifted to Roswell Hospital; she was charged with first degree murder.
In the body camera footage, a doctor in a white lab coat explains to Trevezzo and her mother: «We found a dead baby in the bathroom.» Trevezzo declares, «l’m sorry, it’s out. I don’t know what to do…. I’m just scared, I’m not crying or anything.»
Trevizo’s distraught mother clapped her hands to her head and pleaded with her daughter: «What did you do?» Trevizo’s attorney, Gary C. Mitchell, previously told The Associated Press that his client has no criminal record and should not face murder charges.

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