Video de yailin y tekashi 6ixine, la pesada broma que se hicieron en redes

The singer Tekashi 6i×9ine shocked his millions of fans by making a crude joke about “Truest Viral” artist Yailin, with whom he will have an affair once she separates from Puerto Rican Anuel AA.

She shared a video on her Instagram Stories, which has over 23.5 million followers, demonstrating how America gave her laxatives without her knowledge and to him from the comfort of her Miami home. to assist her in reducing her weight. “Anyone who knows Yarin is aware that he does not know where this will lead him,” said Tekashi.


After hearing what he said, the Dominican was frightened and asked what he was going to give her, assuming it was some sort of drug. He assured her that it wasn’t a drug because he was also recording the conversation.

He pretended to drink some himself, handed it over, and asked him to drink later.

When the rapper gives him a drink, he confesses to his fans that he weighs 153kg and now weighs 140kg, without specifying the units, but he talks about pounds, that is, before he weighed 69kg and now he weighs 63 kg, although he wants to see how he dresses before getting pregnant with her youngest daughter, Cattleya, who gave birth to her a few months ago, the result of her past marriage to Anuel AA.

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