Video da londrina que viralizou 2023, Camera records truck out of control

The video showed the truck driving down the avenue in Rio de Janeiro and hitting the back of a car when the driver lost control of the vehicle, before coming to a stop after hitting a museum railing on Rua Benjamin Constant. A 59-year-old woman on a motorcycle was dragged under the truck, according to Lieutenant Justino of the Fire Department..

“When we arrived, the victim was dead. She suffered multiple injuries and unfortunately did not fight back,” he said. According to the driver of the vehicle, a mechanical failure caused the failure of the brakes. According to the company, the driver tried to swerve before the collision.


Witnesses told first responders the van was seen driving down the street at high speed and hit a motorcyclist. That afternoon, the Gendarmerie cleared the stretch of Rua Benjamin Constant between Avenida Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Vito Dutra de Oliveira, who temporarily held the position of Deputy Chief of the Londrina Traffic Police Station, explained why the truck driver was not arrested.

“Traffic rules prohibit the driver from being arrested for staying in the place and helping the victim, which happened in the case. Initially, he claimed that the vehicle’s brakes had mechanical failure. Problem with the truck”. The driver was rescued by the Fire Department and a hearing on the accident is scheduled for this week, according to the Police Station.

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