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“But I had to give up some of my responsibilities, and now I have more freedom, so I’m happy.” The hard work didn’t come without a price, though—Vonk paid her 62-year-old mother, Bibi Brook, for her help.

Her mother mainly helps with administrative matters, while her younger brother Bas, 34, is tasked with following fans on social media so she can talk to them afterwards. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the family business, though — and things didn’t go so well when Vonk asked her mom to take sexy photos of her.

“First, I asked my mom to help me with content; I would model and she would take pictures, but they absolutely went wrong because she couldn’t see well in one eye,” Funk said. “She took a lot of criticism from me at first, but she’s a quick learner – and now she’s even better at it than me.”

Coming from a dance background, Vonk is very flexible, which is what she is known for on stage. She also specializes in tantric sex techniques, according to Jam Press. Because of her work, Vonk even inspired her mother to create her own page on OnlyFans. Her mom, who joined the company in 2020, earns about $2,200 a month — more than triple what she said she made at her last part-time job.

With this money, Brooke can also pay the rent. “Fans always want us to make content together, but I’ll never do that,” Vonk admits to the business of collaborating.

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