Dieter bohlen katja krasavice video leaked on twitter, whats happened

Sitting on a newsroom couch with XXL mane (“hair is longer than my dress”), “Sugar Mama” tells how long her blatant Krasavice look lasts: “I don’t need as much time as my make-up artist and I do I only have three to four hours today and I’m in a hurry,” says Katja with a smile. On other days, the rapper also likes to disappear into the magic ball for “six to seven hours”. It is also important to her: “I always leave the house to take a shower. Always. That’s my quirk.”




Katja drew everyone’s attention with her bright red painted giant claws, but said herself: “These nails don’t suit me at all, I’m Edward Scissorhands, I don’t even notice them. It’s just my hands — I’m just Celebrating the look.” She had a flashy message to all the haters and bullies: “I’m no less good just because I dress like this and wear my nails like this. There are many comments about my appearance. A lot of people say I’m exaggerating. If someone comments something like that, I’m happy to encourage it. Then I want longer nails.”

Another saying: “My greatest role model is my own hatred. I want to prove to people that I’m worth it. This rejection makes me a workaholic. According to the motto: ‘Wait a minute, I’ll break you’.”

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Katja promises BILD: “I will work directly on my album. And the ‘women’ video is just hardcore. The point is that women should and can do what they want. It should be normal, but unfortunately not yet.”

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