THE WEEK IN ONLYFANS: How performers justify their x-rated antics to make life-changing money


Whether you agree with it or not, one has to admit that OnlyFans has become a game-changer in the world of influencers. This weekly special feature will chart the ups and downs of some of the platform’s biggest celebs through the week as they take it off while keeping it switched on.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: There are a lot of things you wouldn’t do on a day-to-day basis. It could be due to pangs of morality and conscience, or decisions simply based on what is deemed acceptable by society.

OnlyFans performers often try to justify their actions to feel good about themselves and continue raking in the moolah. It is not for everyone — most of us are still guided by some sort of moral compass that influences the smallest of choices made and would likely find ourselves lost in oblivion if that is shattered. However, such a compass does seem to take a back seat when there are millions to be made.




OnlyFans model has over 7,000 online boyfriends since men are ‘intimidated’ by her in real life

OnlyFans babe Nala Ray is done with having a single boyfriend since men are too “intimidated” by her in real life. She has since decided to date her subscribers — more than 7,000 in total — all of whom pay for her exclusive content. The 25-year-old found that a lot of men were jealous of her success — raking in a staggering $300,000 a month — and so she devoted her attention to forging a relationship with her online boyfriends.

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