‘It’s a real treat’: Kelly Ripa beams at the prospect of husband Mark Consuelos baring it all

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos recently spoke about celebrities over 50 posing naked (livewithkellyandmark/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, the current hosts of ‘Live with Kelly and Mark’, addressed the mock outrage among individuals over celebrities over 50 posing naked on the episode on Friday, April 28. The two co-hosts emphasized on “body positivity” while Ripa hinted that seeing Consuelos naked would be a “treat.”

After Ryan Seacrest decided to leave the daytime talk show in February, Consuelos took over as host. Seacrest, who had been co-hosting ‘Live!’ with Ripa since 2017, decided to leave after six successful seasons. On April 17, Consuelos and Ripa shared an adorable selfie to mark their first show together.


‘People get so fake-outraged over things’

Ripa and Consuelos discussed a recent article that mentioned celebrities over 50 who were comfortable posing nude with the former encouraging the latter to pose nude too.

Consuelos asked Ripa, “Baring it all has no age limit, do you agree? I like it, I’m for it! Body positivity, why not?” To which Ripa answered, “Of course — especially their bodies, my goodness. They are like, it’s like the Benjamin Buttoning of all Benjamin Buttons. Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Paulina Porizkova, Jennifer Lopez, Martha Stewart.”

Ripa added that she was not an age-shamer but she believed in “live and let live” and asked the trolls to calm down, pointing out that “people nowadays are offended very easily and get so fake-outraged over things”.

Consuelos responded to the comment by stating that they should just take off their clothes and relax, which was followed by a question from his wife, who asked if he would ever pose in the nude, despite the fact that he was over 50.

Consuelos, a father-of-three, confirmed he would not, but Ripa insisted she’d love to see it. “As somebody who has seen you naked many times, I highly encourage it,” she said with a wink, adding, “It’s a real treat!”

Fans disappointed with ‘Live with Kelly and Mark’

Whether Consuelos will pose naked or not, is a topic for later, but fans are dissatisfied with ‘Live with Kelly and Mark,’ as many stated that they were uncomfortable watching them on-screen, especially when they do not speak about anything significant but just fake banter or talk about their bedtime rituals. 


Speaking about hosting with Cosuelos, Ripa told Page Six, “I had no concerns about how well he was going to do, and he really proved me right… I’m so proud of him, but I was never worried.”

Production sources reportedly said that Ripa and Consuelos found these complaints about them irritating adding that she had been here for a while and had been through this before with every new co-host. They said, “If it wasn’t Mark — say it was Ripa and Andy Cohen — it would be the same exact story. Joel McHale [a fill-in co-host] once had to carry Kelly upside down for an obstacle race and her head was at his rear end and her arms were wrapped around his waist — can you imagine the faux outrage if Mark had to do that?” Sources added, “Kelly has been discussing her marriage and home life on air for 23 years, and Mark is also fully immersed in this art form — and it is really kind of an art form.”

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