‘Flirty at 50’: ‘The View’ Hostess Ana Navarro’s slinky blouse wows Internet

Ana Navarro opened up about her weight loss journey in March on social media (Screenshot from YouTube/The View)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Ana Navarro, a Nicaraguan-American political strategist, and commentator, grasped the eyes of ‘The View’ viewers with her revamped appearance. Viewers couldn’t stop applauding the host for her new look, which some found distracting.

Navarro joined the ABC daytime talk show in 2013 and left in 2018, only to return every week as guest co-host near the end of 2018, but she was appointed the show’s permanent host in 2022. She now appears alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, and Alyssa Farah Griffin.




Ana Navarro’s enticing appearance grabs attention

Ana Navarro appeared on Friday’s episode of ‘The View’ wearing an off-the-shoulder shiny black blouse with soft, ruched material that enhanced her figure well. The silky blouse, which had lace ties in front and a neckline with a plunge that dipped low in the front, fell off her left shoulder. Ana wore her dark brown hair back in a chic ponytail. Navarro finished her sultry look by wearing gold dangle statement earrings that reached down to her bare shoulders.

The co-host of the daytime talk show has been in the spotlight since losing weight, and she has been receiving a lot of praise and positive feedback on her new look. During the live show, her blouse slid off while she was speaking, revealing her neck and cleavage area. Some fans pointed out how they are here for her ‘flirty at 50 vibe’ while some said it distracted them from listening to what the panel was discussing.


Ana Navarro’s look garnered praise a week ago when actor Chris Evans appeared to promote his Apple TV+ movie ‘Ghosted’, as she wore a tight black top with a high neckline and a large cut-out between her neck and shoulder. She chose to wear her hair back in a slick ponytail. Many viewers pointed out how great she looked.

‘It’s been a gradual 7 month, and counting, process’

Back in March, Ana had openly talked about her seven-month-long weight loss journey, stating while responding to a fan on social media that she had checked into a ‘fat farm’ in August 2022 for a week where she exercised and used the wellness spa at the Racho La Puerta resort. She further added that she “came back 6 lbs lighter and determined to get healthier,” admitting that she “did zero exercises during quarantine and did a lot of food and booze,” although she has now “stopped all that.”




Navarro additionally disclosed that she has been ensuring changes to her lifestyle to live a healthier life, revealing that she has had a trainer at home, joined pilates in New York and Miami, hired a pickleball coach, and enlisted the help of her close friends. Explaining the changes she made in her lifestyle, Ana wrote, “Got medical and nutritional help and supervision. Started eating the things we all know are good for us, many more vegetables, fruits, grains, fish. I stopped drinking alcohol at home and on planes/airports – where I spend a lot of time.” The hostess lastly mentioned when a curious fan asked her about their weight loss journey “It’s not been over-night. It’s been a gradual 7 month, and counting, process. It’s a daily challenge. I went to Vegas a couple weeks ago, and gained 2 lbs in 2 days. Too much temptation in too close a proximity. The struggle is real and endless.”

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