Fans react to Tsatsi make up in Nigeria and her photoshoots

Nigerians were right their make up and cameras are on another level couldn’t even recognise her I’m going to Nigeria for My birthday photoshoot.

Hope S.A are learning how to do makeup not dat rubbish dey are doing. But wait ooh since she’s in Nigeria, I’ve not seen her and KJ whats going on?

The difference is clear. Kudos to Nigerians makeup artists and photographers.

See why we also mercilessly diss your favourites? Because you guys have no chill when it comes to dissing ours.

When we were laughing at this little loud mouth mosquito for not being acknowledged by Kanaga when she arrived in Nigeria you sensitives were crying. So Khosi fans you have license to do damage.




My beauty queen , Motsatsi smart and brilliant, even her interview questions she go straight to the answer, let’s gooo babes.

Don’t worry their will post one day i love the way kanager jr behave so too much talk will less not when you eat you post you dey bathroom post that is bad.


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