Nick Mcglashan dead and obituary, What happened to Nick on Deadliest Catch?

McGlashan is a seventh-generation fisherman who appeared as the deck boss in 78 episodes over seven years of the Discovery Channel reality show. His resume lists him as named after his great-uncle, Nick McGlashan, who worked on the F/V Deep Sea, built in 1947, the first ship said to have pioneered the US shrimp industry. The Pain, and the Don don’t stop working until it’s done. “

However, the star was suspended for part of Deadliest Catch season 13 for drug use. At the height of his addiction, Nick said he drank a half-gallon of vodka a day, followed by a gram of crystal meth and two grams of heroin.

After three overdoses, he entered rehab in September 2016 and has reportedly been sober since. Nick previously opened up about his demons in an article for Choice magazine, saying: “My life went from being a Bering sea badass to a full-fledged junkie in no time. hidden.

“I was robbed of the ability to live. I was fighting my addiction and it won.”

He added that he was “so sick in mind, body and spirit” that he tragically “came to his own death”. McGlashan continued, “To say I’m lost is an understatement. I’m heartbroken and soulless. I’m living with no hope of happiness. I’m just trying to keep the load going.

“Every shred of happiness is taken away by a powerful, devious, baffling disease,” explains the Discovery Channel star, who keeps his sanity by following a 12-step plan, attending meetings, and working with sponsors. He said going to rehab was the “scary” thing he’d ever done, but also the “best”. ’ while trying to keep it clean.

McGlashan’s co-star and friend Landon Cheney paid an emotional tribute to his “brother” following the tragic news, attaching a photo montage of the couple. Langdon wrote: “He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death, nor sorrow, crying or pain, for all that was before is gone.

“‘Look, I’m making it all look new.’ RIP my brother #gonebutnotforgotten #restinpeace #brothers.”

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