Jonathan Crews murder and obituary, Whats happened to Texas Man Shooting?

Today, we’re sharing news about a mysterious murder. The news shocked people on the Internet. The news went viral on the Internet. The message was about a man named “Jonathan Crews.” He was shot years ago. People on the Internet are very curious to know about him. People wonder why he was murdered and who killed him. Netizens also want to know why this news is becoming popular now. So we’ve done a lot of research on this case and now we’re going to share every detail of this mysterious criminal case. So read the whole article.


Jonathan Crew was 27 years old when he was murdered. Jonathan’s crew used to live in Coppel, Texas, a small town in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. He is a member of the Coppel Church in Texas. His murder is the greatest mystery. He was shot in his Coppell apartment while lying in bed. He is a very caring, kind and humble person. He used to help others. He was born in California but grew up in Irvine. His father’s name was John and his mother’s name was Pam. He spends a lot of time with his grandfather.

When he was shot, Brenda Lazaro was the only person who knew who killed him. She was already there, crying there. At the time, when the 911 operator answered the call, she said, oh my god. Then she said oh my god. The 911 operator tried to calm her down. When the dispatcher asked her what’s wrong? she screamed. This recording began on February 2, 2014 at 11:30 pm. For years, his family believed he had committed suicide, but it took a long time before they learned he had been murdered.

Brenda Kelly (ex-girlfriend) from Crew. She is the prime suspect in the case as she was named during the civil trial that day. That day, Kelly was the one who reported her love to the 911 worker who shot himself. But Crew’s family claims their son did not attempt suicide, but Kelly killed him. So far, the case has not been solved. So everything revolves around this crime thriller. We’ll give you an update on this case soon when things are announced. So keep up to date with PKB news.

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