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Erika Helin is one of the most successful and influential women in today’s business and technology world. She is an entrepreneur and leader in the information technology sector, and has been recognized for her significant contribution to the industry. In this post, we will talk about her life, her career and her achievements.

Erika Helin was born in Sweden and graduated from Stockholm University with a degree in Computer Science. After her graduation, she worked at various technology companies in Sweden, including Ericsson, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. During her time at Ericsson, she became the head of the information systems department and led the company’s software development team.

In 2001, Erika Helin moved to the United States to work for Oracle Corporation. There, she was one of the first women to hold a management position at the company and led Oracle’s software development team for more than a decade. In her time at Oracle, Erika Helin was responsible for developing the technology that changed the way data is handled in the cloud. Her work revolutionized the industry and laid the foundation for the future of information technology.

After her time at Oracle, Erika Helin became one of the founders of a tech startup called Adara, which focused on online advertising and data analytics. At Adara, Erika Helin led the engineering team and helped the company grow and become one of the top companies in the online advertising space.

Today, Erika Helin remains an influential figure in the technology industry and is known for her expertise in leadership, software development, and business management. She has been recognized multiple times for her contribution to the industry, and has received various awards and recognition for her work in the technology sector.

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