Rey Mysterio Daughter leaked on twitter, Aalyah Gutierrez WWE Star videos


Rey Mysterio’s non-public lifestyles generally reveals its way into the WWE Universe. His son, Dominik Mysterio, has came upon himself a brand spanking new stable and is in mounted competition at the side of his family. This tale puts the entire Mysterio family throughout the spotlight. Rey Mysterio’s daughter – Aalyah Gutierrez – has got a lot of attention from the WWE Universe and is loved by means of fans.

Aalyah Gutierrez could also be very vigorous on her social media, holding her 300,000+ fans up to date with the latest happenings in her lifestyles. She can also be very vocal about her courting at the side of her provide boyfriend – Joshua Thomas. The two have now been jointly for more than 3 years, and a lot of fans are filled with praise for the couple.


Who is Aaliyah Gutierrez with in WWE?

Aalyah Gutierrez under no circumstances had a real just right good friend from WWE. Aalyah reportedly dated football player AJ Hernandez previous than courting Joshua Thomas. She used to be moreover installed a courting viewpoint with Buddy Matthews, the prevailing boyfriend of the Judgment Day megastar – Rhea Ripley. However, this perspective lasts only a twinkling of an eye onscreen.


In the process completing up this tale, Buddy Matthews admitted that he felt very uncomfortable. However, his paintings ethic and accountability to the company compels him to kiss Rael Mysterio’s daughter. “I don’t in point of fact really feel relaxed kissing Aalyah. I do it on account of it’s my process and it supplies drama to the tale,” Matthews said.

How has Aalyah Gutierrez’s on-screen boyfriend reacted to their courting?
After liberating the tale WWE created for Aalyah and Buddy, audience started specializing in him for each and every little factor. “There used to be no kissing script to start with… I was immediately with them, I may now not conform to them, and if I followed them, I was a weirdo. As people said at the Internet, I was a “pedophile”. If she chooses Me, she’s a confident woman who’s acutely aware of what she wishes… I’m uncomfortable and he or she’s new,” he published.

Buddy is open to Aalyah Gutierrez taking control. He gave her the privilege to decide what to do and supported her in doing one thing. The duo endured their romance for a while previous than being swiftly dropped by means of management.

Buddy Matthews used to be in a while eliminated by means of WWE and he signed with AEW. He now has a real courting with Rhea Ripley, Aalyah’s father, Rey Mysterio’s arch-nemesis. Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio are infrequently considered an on-screen couple.


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