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A SECOND raunchy clip of recently unbanned Twitch streamer Kimmikka has apparently surfaced online.

The 21-year-old Peruvian became an internet star after she was caught having sex live on camera.

She was booted off Twitch for seven days when shocked fans spotted her partner performing an X-rated act in the window reflection.

The footage showed a portion of her live stream which seemed completely innocent at first.



But fans watching live became suspicious as they noticed her facial expressions change.

On closer inspection, some noticed a reflection in the window that showed the streamer’s partner behind her and seemingly performing a sex act.

The embarrassed streamer has since said the incident was an “error”.

That hasn’t stopped the videos creating some buzz online.

And now a second sex clip apparently from the same night has popped up, which some have dubbed the “director’s cut”.

Though Kimmikka told fans: “No – it’s not new, the video.”

Her socials have since exploded, with more than 9,500 followers on Twitch alone.

And her latest live was watched by more than 10,000 users.

Meanwhile, over on Instagram she has more than 21,000 followers.

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